The rules applied to whole project. Violation of these rules will result with punishment (bans, restrictions to the game, etc)

  1. No cheating or exploiting of any kind is allowed.
  2. Do not use any third-party programs or bots to gain an unfair advantage.
  3. Respect other players and their gameplay styles.
  4. Do not harass, bully, or discriminate against other players.
  5. Do not engage in any form of scamming or fraudulent activity.
  6. Do not use offensive language, slurs, or hate speech in chat.
  7. Do not engage in any form of real-world trading (RWT).
  8. Do not engage in any form of account sharing or account selling.
  9. Do not spam or flood chat channels.
  10. Do not impersonate staff members or other players.
  11. Do not advertise other games or websites.
  12. Do not grief or intentionally disrupt other players' gameplay.
  13. Do not engage in any form of PvP outside designated areas or without consent.
  14. Do not abuse game mechanics or glitches for personal gain.
  15. Follow the game's naming policy when creating characters and guilds.
  16. Do not share personal information about yourself or other players.
  17. Do not use offensive or inappropriate character names.
  18. Do not engage in any form of hacking or intrusion attempts.
  19. Report any rule violations to the staff immediately.
  20. Failure to follow these rules may result in disciplinary action, including account suspension or termination.
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