The game client size: 4.3 GB

Version: 2024-03-17

Note: stable, polished version

Run client.exe instead of patcher.exe

What is minimal system requirements?

OS: Windows 10, Windows 11 x64


CPU: any 3Ghz+

4GB Disk space (ideally SSD)

DirectX installed, Visual Redistributable 2005-2019 installed.

How to Install

Download game client by link at left pane (any one button that load game client fast for you)

Extract game client to D:\ drive, example: D:\Games\RO

Run setup.exe inside the game client

Run Patcher

Common problems and how to solve them

The most of the problems comes from antivirus software. If antivirus detect any file in the game client as a malware or virus, please report to us, and we will send the file to the antivirus vendor for removing the file from antivirus database and mark the file as false positive.

The second common problem: system without VC++ redistributables or drivers.

The third problem - running game client without admin privileges.

nVidia or amd mobile gpu does not see RO client

Technically speaking, you can force your integrated nvidia or amd graphics adapter inside LAPTOP to run game instead of integrated CPU iGPU. Just google for the guide how to play RO on nvidia.

I've tried to do everything, but nothing helps.

Go to contact page, and leave us message. Or use discord or chat to contact us, we will help you. Please remember, we're using rustdesk remote desktop client to help our players to resolve issues with the game client.

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